Maia Handball Cup 2016 – 13rd Mega International Tournament – 4th to 10th July


Organization: Town Hall of Maia and MaiaStars – Website: (tournaments);

Facebook: Maia Handball Cup – International Tournament Contacts:; 00351 93 843 7437;


INVITATION – Informer Bulletin



The MAIA HANDBALL CUP is, actually, the biggest international tournament organised in Portugal in what concerns participation and games, and the biggest, in the world, to the level of propose activities outside the competition. This isn’t more than having the handball as a reference and motif involving handball players in a big party during 7/10 days.

For the parents, is the ideal way to spend their children spare times and vacations with a small cost; for the clubs, the opportunity to give their players a chance to participate in such a meeting that will help them to grow as a sportive and as human beings. The games are played indoor and open air fields of synthetic grass and for all ages, from 6 to 80 years old, both sexes. We would like to have you all in Maia. Included XIII Masters – Women and Man


Ages: W 8 (2007); M 9 (2006); W 10 (2005); M 11 (2004); W 12 (2003); M 13 (2002); W 14 (2001); M 15 (2000); W 16 (1999); M 17 (1998); W 18 (1997); M 19 (1996); W Seniors (1996); M Seniors (1995); W and M Masters/Vétérans.


Registration and Payment: Until 15th June 2016 by internet (, mail, fax, bank (NIB 003600779910007779677 – Montepio Geral) or check.

Options for no lodged teams – 1team – 150€; 2 teams or more – 125€ per team.

Options for lodged teams – 1 team – 125€; 2 teams – 200 €; 3 teams – 275€; 4 teams- 350 €; 5 teams – 400€; more than 5 teams – 60€ per team.


Lodgement and Food (cost p/pax)-(one of the many options available from 4th to 10th July with 7 lunchs, 7 dinners and 7 nights):

Classroom with mattress – 110€; Classroom without mattress – 105€;

Hostel and Hotel options should be consulted in


Insurance: The participants can have one, when there’s none, by the price of 10€ per pax, made by the organization, no insurance, no participation.


Activities and Facilities: Opening and Closing Ceremony; managers, referees and coaches matches; intercultural night; Swimming pool; Hippodrome; Zoo; Dance Festival; Music Concerts; night and day Animation; Karaoke Night; Ethnographique Night, Miss and Mister MAIA HANDBALL CUP, museums visities, parties, Town Party, social area and much, much more.


Expectations and Certainties: 3 000 participants more than 500 handball games, 12 000 served meals, 100 referees, 100 physiotherapists and nurses, 200 staff members.


Important Information: Like last years the organization invited the President of the Republic to preside the Honour Commission MHC 2016. In Portugal, in this right moment, is being send a letter to all town hall presidents to invite them to integrate this commission and to touch them to help at least one team, institution or school of their home area. Last year many of them financed the participation of their clubs in MHC. The information about our tournament is available in many web sites all over the world, for example on the EHF and National Handball Federations.


Regulation, Prizes and other Informations: The information contained in this bulletin doesn’t excuse the reading of all the tournament regulamentation that you can find in


 Best Regards

The Direction of MAIA HANDBALL CUP 2016


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